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"Copy from one, it's plagiarism; copy from two, it's research. "
- Wilson Mizner (1876-1933)
Here are a few links to that (other) great institution we all love so much...Beer!

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dos, a beer, a mexican beer,
Ray, a guy who brings me beer,
Me, Someone who drinks my beer,
Fa, a long, long way from beer,
So, I'll have another beer,
La, La La La, La La La,
Tea, No thanks, I'll have a beer,
and that will bring us back to dos, dos, dos, dos...


Beer Travelers

Check out the BEER TRAVELERS credo:
"Do not cease to drink beer,
to eat, to intoxicate thyself,
to make love and celebrate the good days."


The Real Beer Page

Lot's of good stuff

California Beer!

Local varieties for
the California Crew

The Virtual Beer Server

Send someone an e-beer!


And if I might suggest,
here's a cool place to go enjoy
a beer or six

(A fully paid testimonial)
Sadly , the Wings web page is no-more, but the bar is alive and well, and the beer is flowing...mmmm

Try some of this when you get there
Duff Beer for Sale By Jouni Paakkinen (jouni@snpp.com) - May 20, 1998 According to a recent CNN report, remaining untapped cases of Duff Beer are now selling for nearly $3,000 dollars. Homer's favorite ale was reportedly changing hands at only one fifth that price last year. The South Australian Brewing company, a subsidy of Lion Nathan, produced the beer up to mid-1996 when Fox successfully sued the brewery, forcing them to cease its manufacture. The network's attorneys sited a violation of Fox's copyright on the Duff Beer name and logo in their lawsuit. True-to-life Duff cans have since become a highly sought-after collector's item among fans of the show.

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