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Betty Ford
Honored at the first
BFRH in 1987
Every year, the Orange County Hash hosts the Betty Ford Rehab Hash. This is "spring training" for beer drinkers looking forward to a long, blurry, defocused, summer. This page records and celebrates the special personalities who have been recognized at the annual fiasco.
Betty's been "round the block" a couple of times, herself. She started the Betty Ford Clinic so that she'd have somewhere to sober up after particularly heavy weekends. It was a natural extension to add a few rooms so that her bud's could pop in.
Betty is portrayed in Hashdom by Caboose

Tammy Faye Betty Ford II
Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker
The crooked filanderer and his make-up challenged wife - a fine example to us all.
Honored for their contributions to research into ethics and morality.
(It's depressingly easy to find pictures of Tammy..but not so the couple together)
Sonny and Cher Betty Ford III
Sonny and Cher
(Walking Small and Mooner)
Sonny, the notorious wife beater and substance abuser, went on to be mayor of Palm Springs (coincidence? I think not) and congressman for the 44th district before meeting his tree.

Cher went on to develop a greatly enhanced figure.

"I got you Babe"

Gene Autry Betty Ford IV
Gene Autry
(Woody Driver)
"Ten Cowboy Commandments" written by Gene Autry
Commandment 1: "He must not take unfair advantage of an enemy."
Commandment 2: "He must never go back on his word."
Commandment 3: "He must always tell the truth."
Commandment 4: "He must always be gentle with children, elderly people and animals."
Commandment 5: "He must not possess racially or religious intolerant ideas."
Commandment 6: "He must help people in distress."
Commandment 7: "He must be a good worker."
Commandment 8: "He must respect women, parents, and his nation's laws."
Commandment 9: "He must neither drink or smoke."
Commandment 10: "He must be a patriot."

(Gene's score against this list is not recorded
but it might be significant that he grouped
drinking and smoking into a single line)

"Back in the Saddle Again!"

Frank Sinatra Betty Ford V
Frank Sinatra

"I did it my way"

Liberace Betty Ford VI
Apparently, Mr Liberace was a homeowner of some repute

"Oh how I hated to leave my friend's behind"

Elvis Betty Ford VII
1993 (Oxnard)
Gigo does Elvis better than Elvis did Elvis
Michael Jackson Betty Ford VIII
1994 (Oxnard)
Michael Jackson
Don't leave him out in the sun or he'll melt. Michael was included so that assorted hashers could demonstate how hard that moonwalk thing is. Did he get the monkey off his back yet?
Liz Taylor Betty Ford IX
1995 (Oxnard)
Elizabeth Taylor
Another of the make-up challenged. Liz gets through husbands at about the same pace she reputedly does gin. An impressive appetite on both counts!

"Queen of De Nile"

"Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. "
- Mark Twain (1835-1910)

Bob Hope Betty Ford X
Bob Hope
(Dr. Deekay)
Bob's just a little older than dirt. He's causing the medical community to review their previous stance which held that "dead" versus "alive" is a black and white issue

"Thanks for the Mammaries"

Jerry Garcia Betty Ford XI
Gerry Garcia
The original and best "dead head". Jerry was a repository for more chemicals during his lifetime than many a fine pharmacy. It may have been drying out that killed him. Reality can be very bright.

"Grateful for Head"

Mickey Mantle Betty Ford XII
Mickey Mantle
(Yeast Infection)
Like the flyer said, the Mick led the majors in stolen cases. He had 536 home runs, swinging from both sides of the plate.

"You make my liver quiver"

Check out the Mickey Mantle Foundation donor card here

Bogart Betty Ford XIII
Humphrey Bogart
"Here's looking at your tits"
Dean Betty Ford XIV
Dean Martin
"Everybody Does Somebody Sometime"
Marilyn Betty Ford XV
Marlilyn Monroe
(Torpedoes Awaaaaay)
"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"
Jerry Betty Ford XVI
Jerry Lee Lewis
(Last Train to C*ntsville)
"Great Balls of Fire"
Ozzy! Betty Ford XVII
Ozzy Ozbourne
"Who Said Headless?"
Judy! Betty Ford XVIII
Judy Garland
(I Dream of Weenie)
"If I Only Had a Beer"
Sammy Betty Ford XIX
Sammy Davis Jr.
(Howdy Do Me)
"Who Can Take A Glass Eye?"
Betty Betty Ford XX
Betty Ford Re-Hash

"Rehab is for Quitters"
Jimi Hendrix Betty Ford XXI
Jimi Hendrix
(Mr. Rat's Ass)
"All Along We Watched Flour"
Jim Morrison Betty Ford XXII
Jim Morrison
(Long Bong)
"Show Me the Way to the Next Whiskey Bar"
Brian Wilson @66 Betty Ford XXIII
Brian Wilson
(Hairy Twatter)
"(We're drinkin' the) Good Libations"
Johnny's Finger Betty Ford XXIV
Johnny Cash
(Deep Throat)
"Ring of Flour"
Janis Betty Ford XXV
Janis Joplin
(Amy McMarathon)
"Take Another Little Piece of my Ass"
Amy Winehouse Betty Ford XXVI
Amy Winehouse
(Penis Butter)
"Habits, Vices and Grips"

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