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Anywhere inside the Orange Curtain is fair game for a run start. The pack generally enjoys areas that it is unfamiliar with, while the short-cutters like to hash in places where they know every park, school, horse-trail and tunnel in a 10 mile radius. Who would you rather please? It's a lot to ask for you to find some vigin territory, but try not to pick a place where we've been spending most of our recent Saturdays. oc map
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elderly scout The more time you spend on this, the better your trail will be. Start early enough so that you have a trail before the On-Sec demands to have your flier. Otherwise you'll have to choose a trail based on your start instead of the other way around. Before you choose a start or end, try to find some interesting things that you want to take the pack through. These things will define your trail. A few examples: trails, water, tunnels, bridges, swap meets, nude beaches, etc... I suggest you make a map and play around with different ways to connect these interesting parts of your trail with each other and possible places to end. Remember, long streets are boring, while short streets are merely uninteresting.
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The On On
Also known as the OnIn, the End, The Down Downs or the Beer. The most important thing about your OnOn is the unlikelyhood that someone will call the cops to complain about the noise we are generating. Don't worry so much about whether or not it is legal to drink there; it's the noise that brings the police, not the beer. Don't end near someone's home or anyplace that is heavily patrolled by rent-a-cops. Ambience is also important under certain conditions. If it is a very hot day, have some shade available. If it is dark, have some light available. Your OnOn does not have to be easily accessible by vehicle, but don't forget that the hares are responsible for hauling the kegs and bags to the end. everest
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The Start
scrap yard This is least important. You can start almost anywhere. You do not need a school or a park. You don't even need a parking lot, just a place where about 40 cars can legally park. You can even start at your OnOn if you want, but don't fucking tell anyone! You still need to have a bag-van and pretend your run is A to B. If you want to do an A to A run so you don't have to deal with a b-van, then go lay trail in Long Beach. Or better yet, join a running club. Your start and end can be far apart, but the hares are reponsible for making sure everyone gets back to the cars after Down Downs without having to walk too far.
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Speaking of the B-Van
The hares must provide a vehicle and a driver for transporting the kegs, bags and other less important shit to the OnOn. If you don't have a suitable vehicle, borrow one from someone who does. Arrange this ahead of time. One of the hares can come back after laying to pick up the b-van, but you must get the kegs to the OnOn before Sheep gets in.
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Finalizing Your Trail
trails After you plan your trail, try running it for time to see how long it is. Remember that it will take the pack a lot longer to run the trail because you'll probably solve all the checks right when you run it. How long should it be? This is debatable, but if it takes the pack 45 minutes, it is too short. And if it takes them an hour and 45, it is too long. Have at least one beer check on trail, and if it is hot, have more than one place on trail where water is available. A school or park with a drinking fountain counts. If you have an unmanned beer or water check, make sure you go back later to pick up the trash. After you plan which hares will lay which parts of the trail, make sure everyone is clear about where the trails connect. It is OK to be anal about this. A poorly connected trail fucks up the pack, and is a detriment to good hashing. Rehearsing your run is a good idea. It can alert you to potential problems, and it is a good time to decide where exactly to you will lay your checks and marks. Some hares like to rehearse at the same time and day of week as the hash. This type of anal behavior is also acceptable if you are concerned about security guards, locked gates, crowds, etc...
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2 Kegs beer (coordinate this with the Brew-meister), pre-run beer, beer-check beer, 40-60 lbs flour, cups, munchies, 70lbs. ice, 10 liters soda, 5 gal. water, 1 case Powerbars and trash bags. Don't go overboard on the munchies. If you buy one of those big cans of peanuts, bring a can opener to your hash or open it ahead of time. The hare needs to make sure that the jockey-box and CO2 get to the hash. The best way to do this is to take them home with you after the previous hash. kegs
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The On On On
irish pub Pick a place that will have room for us, that will have beer for us, and that will have food for us. Don't take the hash somewhere where Whack can't sing lewd songs, where B.O.T. can't show her tits, or where Mason can't have sex in the toilet. Warn the management that we are coming. Try to get a deal on beer. And make maps to hand out at Down Downs.
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Day of Hash
Don't pre-lay; pussies pre-lay. You might want to stash some flour out on trail so you won't have to carry all your flour from the start. Even if you don't think you need it, a stash can save your ass if you run out of flour. Lay lots of marks. I never heard of a trail that had too many marks. Don't make your checks impossible. Granted, it is fun to "screw the pack", but if your trail is too hard to follow, everyone will shortcut and miss the rest of the trail that you have spent the last couple of months perfecting. If one of the hares is going to drive the b-van, make sure our shit will be secure until he/she returns. After the pack has started, have someone draw a map to the OnOn so hashers know where to get drunk after they get hopelessly lost on your fucked-up trail. map
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